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2G Kevlar Core Helmet Connector

Internal surface mount, full size 5-Pin DIN female connector. Waterproof overmold, breakaway mounting tab for safety, 6 leads for speakers and microphone connectors (2 wires/per 3 connectors).
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Weight0.07 lb
These are the new Kevlar core high durability cables.  The EdSets internal helmet connector is a unique low-profile helmet connector designed to mount between the cheekpad and outer shell of the helmet. It provides a waterproof connector that does not interfere with the external appearance of your helmet, and uses neither clamps or screws but instead the amazing 3M Dual Lock reclosable fastener system as seen in heavy truck engine compartments and similar automotive applications. The leads are designed to allow ample length to reach the locations of speakers and microphones, and the wires are small enough to allow for easy coiling of excesses without creating any bulk inside the helmet. This helmet connector provides a water resistant connection with the lower cord, and an audible 'POP' can be heard when separating the two connectors, assuring you of a tight fit. Uses EdSets/Molex connectors compatible with other EdSets products, microphones and earbud adaptors. This connector is included in all our Sonic Series Helmet Kits like the Sonic Boomer and Sonic N-Vader and forms the fundamental 'hub' of all our helmet applications.
Surface Mounted Connector
5-Pin DIN, 180-degree pin configuration, same as GL1800
Speaker common Gnd, Left, Right, mic signal and ground.
EdSets Products
All helmet kits
Helmet Connector
Inside view of basic helmet connector mounting design. This shows how the connector mounts to the surface and the wires route inside the helmet. This is a cutaway view of the helmet.
Helmet Connector Rendering
A computer model we used during manufacturing of these connectors...