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3G Headset for GPS

Includes a complete EdSets 3G headset, our best and most versatile headset, with a universal lower cable with microphone and audio connectors for use with bluetooth GPS units, some handheld CB radios and similar devices.
Microphone Style:

New Thunderclap Speakers:

AvailabilityClick image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
ShippingCan ship anywhere
Weight1.25 lb
NOTE: Weather Plugs are now an optional item in "All Parts and Accessories"

NOW AVAILABLE: EdSets new Thunderclap speakers! Just click above to select them. You won't regret it! These are the hottest speakers in the market place with plenty of punch for highway speeds, bass response, clear highs and stainless steel grilles for durability!

This headset includes a lower connecting cable for most Bluetooth GPS units that have standard 2.5mm microphone input jack, and a 3.5mm stereo audio jack (like iPod).  For various helmets, you need to select the appropriate microphone.

NOTE: The image shows a 3/4 Open Face helmet with TAB mount boom mic. GPS/Phone NOT included :)

* For FULL FACE helmets, choose the Surface Mic.
* For MODULAR/CONVERTIBLE/FLIP-UP helmets, choose the TAB mount mic.
* For OPEN or 3/4 helmets, choose the RCA mount mic, but use TAB mount mic with any face shield.
* For HALF-SHELL helmets, choose the RCA microphone.

The headset ships complete with EVERYTHING you need to enjoy all the features of your GPS, including Bluetooth pairing of your cell phone for phone calls into and out of your helmet, XM radio, Voice Navigation Prompts, FM Traffic, and MP3 Music playback and more.  All touch screen features are compatible with the headset so you can dial, and receive calls, adjust volumes, and control MP3 and other audio features while connected to the headset in your helmet.

Get it all in your helmet today!