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3G Lower Coiled Cable

EdSets 3G Coiled Lower Cable, now in versions for all luxury touring and some third party audio systems.


Pin Configuration:
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AvailabilityClick image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
Weight0.23 lb
Note that we cannot supply lower cables for HD for 2017+

Choose a 3G lower cable for almost any motorcycle factory audio system and many aftermarket systems.  Your 3G headset will exhibit outstanding performance on any and all of the systems we have engineered our pre-amplifiers for.  Get ready for the Hi-Fi Highway with EdSets!

Some of the EdSets lower cables have internal active electronics that are required for the powered microphone systems found on luxury touring motorcycles from BMW, Can Am
, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki (1700), Victory Vision/Cross, J&M CB2003/Integratr, and are slightly more expensive due to the electronics embedded in the lower 6 or 7 pin connector. 

All other cables are standard wired cables for all Honda Wings/Valks, Yamaha Venture, Garmin and other GPS/FRS/GMRS units with 3.5mm and 2.5mm input/output jacks, and the Air Rider Cobra CB.  Please call for other applications before ordering.

These cables are incredibly durable, and are sold with a 3-year unconditional warranty.  They are made with the very best components, and high strand wiring.  We always provide real gold plated pins and connectors for absolutely the best reliability in connections, and our electronics are stabilized, water proof and durable.  As for performance, well, in a word, they are EdSets...  Expect a pleasant surprise.

To order, simply choose the application (i.e. Can Am Spyder), and if a second drop down box appears, select either a right angle or straight cable.  Some HD have left-facing headset jacks, some have inline front-back orientation, so choose a right angle or straight cable accordingly. 

On all systems with powered cables except J&M/BMW you will be able to adjust the orientation of the DIN key on the headset jack to be properly aligned with the standard position, which is "Key is at 12:00 on HD, 3:00 on Victory and Can Am."  All others are inline connectors, so key position is not important.

Your purchase price will change depending on the cable ordered, based on whether it has embedded electronics.