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Garmin Zumo GPS Cable for 3G

Supports all Zumo Bluetooth and audio features.  NOT designed for integrating Zumo with Goldwing system.  You will need our 1800 Mic Splitter for that integration.
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Weight0.13 lb
This cable plugs into the EdSets 3G headsets and has a coiled section that splits into a 3.5mm stereo jack and a 2.5mm microphone jack for use with any Zumo or similar device that requires a microphone input and speaker output.  It was designed for use with the Zumo 550 in mind and will work with any product that has similar input and output jacks.  Some systems may require a powered microphone that can be supplied.  NOT designed for integrating Zumo with Goldwing system.   See our GL1500/1800 Mic Splitter for that.
EdSets - Zumo Cable (two views)
EdSets Zumo Cable fits many other products besides the Zumo 550 thanks to it's standard plugs. Designed for use with EdSets headsets.