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About EdSets

EdSets began in 2002 with a single handmade headset, which I made out of a desire for a better sounding headset than the ones available from any of the companies offering headsets for the Goldwing and similar bikes.  Once I was satisfied with my latest "electronics project" and that I'd beaten the 'big guys' at their own game, and put all those engineering degrees to use finally, I cleaned up and tossed all the leftover parts in a junk box, and went riding. 

The first out-of-town ride was an 8000-mile 'break in' ride for my new Wing, and the headsets and the bike performed beautifully.  I loaned my helmet to a friend later that fall for his passenger to use and after they listened to my headset during a ride, they wanted two for themselves.  My friend mentioned his new sets (he called them 'Ed's sets) on one of the large discussion boards online, and in a couple of months time, the dozens of requests for a set like mine had me working round the clock to try and comply.  I even gave the first dozen away, never realizing that a business had started and I didn't even know it yet.  Soon enough, tho, the name 'EdSets' kind of stuck and we just went with it since I don't know squat about marketing.

The initial demand for a better headset was an indicator of just how limited the choices were in the market, and because EdSets combined my love of music, motorcycles, electronics and audio gear, I recognized the opportunity as a very rare chance to realize the dream of doing what you love for a living, and that started my new career.  I left my former career as a research engineer at the Air Force Research Labs and dedicated myself to EdSets, and have been thrilled at the chance to serve what I think is the happiest and most demanding community on the planet: the luxury touring rider! 

Running EdSets continues to be a blessing I am eternally grateful for!

Over 10 years, as of 2011, since I began, EdSets is now settled into a new home in the Middle Georgia area and we are enjoying the longer riding season and the southern hospitality.  Look for our address at the bottom of the main page and pay a visit when you can.

If you have questions about EdSets, please browse our website and read our online materials and the details pages on our products. We currently offer product comparisons, images, online installation instructions and photo galleries as well as having a very active customer community at the major touring bike discussion groups on http://gl1832.com and http://1800riders.com With all these resources you are sure to find unbiased and useful information to help you make decisions.

If you can't find an answer or the information you need, please do the following: First, email us at support@edsets.com

If your situation is urgent, please call Ed at 937-271-4077 during "approximately normal" business hours. Ed lives on a cell phone and we don't pay a secretary or service to answer phones, because when you call you want to speak directly with someone that can answer any question imaginable, and that leaves me as the only qualified operator!  Be patient, sometimes the phone stays hot all day . We can read and respond to English messages, but if you need to, send it in any language and we can translate it and get back to you.