Bike-2-Bike comm

Bike to Bike Communication  Rate it

For bike-to-bike communication there are a lot of options.

Usually, you're looking for some kind of CB radio, or an FRS/GMRS radio  perhaps.  Even walkie talkies can be used at times, and many people use  handheld CB radios.  If you're not on a bike with a built in CB system,  and you want to use EdSets headsets, check out this cool radio unit:


Our sets work great with it, and the bonus is that you can also use them on the Goldwing, Voyager and Venture as well, for the world's best sounding headset.  EdSets hi-fi headsets don't work with 'lo-fi' CB/Intercom units from Chatterbox, and many other sources, however. 

J&M makes a handlebar CB unit that works well with EdSets using our condenser microphone option, and it has the benefit of a music input and intercom as well.  It's not very hi-fi but it will be servicable and it is a durable unit from what we can tell so far.

For bike-to-bike, Bluetooth is not well suited since the maximum usable distance for it is only 30 feet or so, and that's under perfect conditions. For bullet-proof bike to bike, stick with CB/FRS/GMRS radios for now. If you have good stories of success with other systems, let me know and I'll post it here.