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BlueStreak takes a leap ahead of every other attempt to integrate smartphones or other Bluetooth phones.  BlueStreak is different in that it supports the phone natively so that it functions fully with all it's features, and those features are available directly on the phone, or by the wired remote which lets you call up Siri or S-Voice and GoogleApp for searches on the phone by pressing the remote button for 3 seconds. 

Since BlueStreak is hybrid, we take the audio from cell calls, and streaming media, including video and audio since the AUX input is a high fidelity channel that works beautifully with the A2DP profile in the BlueStreak.  Result: massively good audio! No excuses!

Continuing, BlueStreak uses the Bluetooth tech built into it to provide all the features, but also to run software for clear calling thanks to noise cancelling.  This works quietly up to speeds that your local 'Super Speeder Cop' would frown on! 

So, we have the best sound, the best noise cancelling for clear calling, a remote (which you can use or not), and if you pair your BlueStreak with an EdSets 3G headset, well, nothing can stop you!

Compatible: GL1800, GL1500 with AUX, F6B, ask for others.
CodeEdSets BT-15

Microphone Splitter:


Weight0.2 lb
If you've seen J&M's offering at $600.00, we can not only beat the price, but the quality and features are far better too!  What else would you expect from EdSets?
Compatible: GL1800, GL1500 with AUX, F6B, ask for others
Here are the BlueStreak Install pages.
Here is the Video: EdSets BlueStreak

The BlueStreak kit is the most advanced Bluetooth device in the worldwide market of Luxury Touring Motorcycles.  Lets take a look at BlueStreak so you can appreciate what it has to offer.

1.  Lets Start simply.  BlueStreak has no power limits on battery life because it is powered by the motorcycle via the left pocket power connector.  Some bikes (like mine) need some power filtering on the power connector and on the AUX input.

We suggest you use a line filter such as the Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator for Car Audio / Home Stereo System with 3.5 Audio Cable (  If your bike is noisy this Mpow will help.

2.  The BlueStreak Bluetooth module, which was engineered by Ed himself, has the Hands-Free profile (HSP) for cell calls, but we also added software to remove wind noise during calls, so that your can rely on super clear phone calls. .

3.  The module also has the advanced audio profile (A2DP) for high fidelity streaming from the phone via Bluetooth directly to the rider's headset.  A2DP is the perfect match for the bike's AUX input as both are high fidelity and stereo.  In fact, only cell calls are in mono, and all other audio is high fidelity stereo.

You have seen all the other Bluetooth cell kits from years back fail to meet the needs of riders, but with the hybrid design of the BlueStreak, those days are over forever.  Garmin was the only way to make calls on phones on motorcycles for far too long, and their 'design' engineers never really addressed why they put a non-compatible mic (technically a 'condenser' mic) on a motorcycle with a dynamic mic, and it was a poor and forced process at best.  To add injury, Garmin gave us only a low fi music player, and worst, the mic input was not ever compatible with the microphones that all touring bikes have.  Yes, Garmin has a mic, but it's a 'room' mic and can't be used up close, and it's only workable sitting on the dash of your car.  At EdSets, we pioneered the concept of the Mic Splitter to force the GPS to accept a weak signal.  And with Garmin's poor quality control, well it just didn't meet anyone's expectations, especially mine!

So, moving forward, we have BlueStreak to save the day!  That mic splitter you probably have can stay in your bike and it will show just how useful it is in a system designed for an actual dynamic mic input on the BlueStreak.

4.  Once you've cleaned up your power and the AUX input, everything else is easy.  The wired remote for the BlueStreak plugs into the module and allows you to place the wired remote anywhere you like.  Just so happens that the lower cable clip is just right to hold the other end of the remote!  But you can use it any way you like.  It allows you to press twice to bring up Siri or S-Voice depending on whether you're an Android or an Apple.  Once it's called up, you can use voice commands without your hands.  It also lets you pause, reverse, and all the usual features of a music player.

5.  There is a microphone input on the BlueStreak module.  We anticipated that the mic splitters that people have been using with GPS units would be perfect for the BlueStreak, so Ed engineered that into the design.  You will need a mic splitter for the third voice line, and there is a microphone splitter in your future if you don't have one already.  Our mic splitters from the last two years are best for this, but older ones may work as well.  They are designed (knowing we would need them this way) to give the best gain for the microphone.

Where J&M, Honda, and many others have attempted to integrate cell phones into bikes with rich features and many possibilities, EdSets finally brings it to reality at a reasonably price!
What's Included
One Each Bluetooth module with wired remote.
12 Volt DC Power
Option of direct connection to 12V, or via 3-pin connector.
One Year Limited Warranty
Warranty valid except for excessive voltage, water damage, or physical damage.
3G Headset for 3/4 Open face helmets - $235.00
EdSets 3G headset for all touring motorcycles and 3/4 Open Face helmets. Note: We now suggest you use a thumbtack (when using the RCA MIC ONLY).  Look in the Images of the headset and you will find the fix there too!
3G Headset for Full Face Helmet - $213.00
EdSets 3G headsets for all touring motorcycles and helmets.

3G Headset for Half/Shorty Helmets - $235.00
EdSets 3G headset for Goldwing and Half-Shell ('shorty') helmets.  NOTE:  This is the same headset as used on 3/4 Open Face Helmets with the external boom mic.  We need images of this installation, so please look at the open face as essentially the same helmet for the time being, just shorter!  You will need an ear curtain or some creative way to mount your speakers.
3G Headset for Modular/Convertible Helmets - $235.00
EdSets 3G headset for MODULAR/CONVERTIBLE (RE)movable chin-bar helmets. Includes an internal mounted flexible boom microphone for all configurations and positions of the chinbar.
Microphone Signal Splitter - $80.00
The Microphone Splitter Cable (MicSplit) provides a voice signal that can be used by GPS or the new BlueStreak module.