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Boom Microphone

High fidelity microphone, lightweight adjustable boom, easy installation and removal. Order extra boom windscreens from All Parts & Accessories section separately if needed.  You can order the earlier
"TAB" mic with square tab mount, or the new low profile black-out boom with the sleek round mount tab.

Mount type:

AvailabilityClick image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
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Weight0.07 lb
News: Our new blacked out boom mic is shipping now.  This mic is blacked out to avoid glare, it is the same performance as all our mics, and it is light and much easier to mount since the boom is in the middle of the round mount.  You are going to love it!  Check the photos!

The EdSets Boom Microphone sets a high standard for speech quality and noise rejection thanks to it's dual-ported design. These ports allow ambient sound to strike both sides of the mic diaphragm simultaneously, thereby effectively cancelling out the ambient noise. Windscreens reduce wind buffeting over-pressures to reduce perceived wind noise, and using a short 1.5" length of 3/4" diameter thin-wall heat shrink gives you the very best in extreme wind and buffeting control on your microphone.  You can order our 'ABUF' product in All Parts and Accessories section, or purchase it locally.

The tab mounted boom mic mounts with 3M Dual Lock, a strong reclosable fastner that lasts for years of continued use. The mounting base is only 6mm thick including the Dual Lock, and only occupies 1 square inch of surface space inside the helmet. The base mounts between the cheekpad and outer shell of the helmet and is designed to exit the helmet between these two components. The inside mount makes a clean trouble free installation that does not interfere with the good looks and operation of your helmet, nor does it mar the finish and possibly damage the structure of your helmet like clamps and screws can.  In some difficult situations with certain helmets, you can modify the Tab Mount mic by cutting off the tab and that leaves you with a low profile and easily insert-able mic for tight spaces.

The RCA Microphone is the same as our Tab Mount mic, but the attachment is placed on the outside of the helmet and uses the RCA female jack on the 3G Module.
600 Ohms @1Khz
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