Cell/CB Integration

How do I integrate my Cell, portable CB, FRS...etc?  Rate it

Motorcycle manufacturers are liable for certain kinds of accidents, including items that distract the driver, which includes non-standard audio, cell phones, and much more. Because of that, you can't even adjust your GPS while riding on the new Goldwings, for example.

In spite of that, we motorcycle riders want our electronics, whether it be cell calls on the bike, and more.

Those of us who are using bluetooth GPS systems, you can already use our mic signal splitter and your auxiliary input to make calls from the bike safely, and clearly.

CB radios are usually not compatible with the microphones on motorcycles because of the technology difference between dynamic mics (on all factory motorcycle systems) and condenser mics (mostly in cell phones, etc). Jon at cellset.com still makes a few integration kits, so inquire there for what you need.

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