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Custom Configured 3G Headsets

This is a buffet where you choose each component to make a 3G kit any way you want it made!

Choose one of our lower cables, some are for powered mic systems, some are for non-powered systems. If you need more than one style, order others from Parts & Supplies before checking out.


Add a microphone for CB/Intercom use. Mics are modular and you may interchange different mics easily for other helmets or configurations. Order additional/other styles from Parts & Accessories before checkout.


New Thunderclap Speakers:


* Extras (not required):
Select a mic wire WRAP (how-to picture) for all Flip Up & Modular helmets, and/or adhesive PRIMER especially for Nolan helmets.

AvailabilityClick image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
Weight1.25 lb

NOTE: Weather Plugs are now an optional item in "All Parts and Accessories"

NOW AVAILABLE: EdSets new Thunderclap speakers! Just click above to select them. You won't regret it! These are the hottest speakers in the market place with plenty of punch for highway speeds, bass response, clear highs and stainless steel grilles for durability!

Quick Summary:

This is an externally mounted 3G Module that can use all three of our natural-voice microphones:  two booms (external RCA mount, or internal 'TAB' mount) and one inside 'button/surface' mic.  It also takes our famous "Thump Pump" speakers or our new Thunderclap speakers for a truly amazing sound adventure, or you can use the module's stereo jack to listen to your bike system via ear-bud speakers, or use the jack as an input for iPod or other audio input you want to hear. 

3G headsets have a 2-section upper and lower cable that makes disconnects easy and reliable.  Best of all, it can be used in ANY style of helmet and moving it from one to another is easy thanks to the tool-free mounting system which never comes loose or needs adjustment.  Re-installation kits are available in the 'All Parts and Accessories' section of our website for moving the headset to other helmets.
Basic system includes 3G Module, upper cable, two speakers with pouches and choice of lower cable style.
Includes 2-Year no-nonsense warranty. Covers normal use for parts and labor.
Options (Description)
Microphone Type
Choose from internal surface mic, external boom mic, or internal boom microphone styles.
Industry standard Molex connectors for speaker and microphone plugs.
Helmet Styles
Full Face
3G Module fits virtually all full face helmets. Choose internal surface mounted microphone as an option.
Modular (Flip-Up)
3G Module fits virtually any Modular helmet. Choose internal boom or surface microphone as an option.
Open Face or 3/4
3G Module fits virtually any open helmet. Choose 2G internal or 3G external boom microphone as an option.
3G Module fits virtually any half/shorty helmet, choose external 3G Boom microphone and ensure you have ear curtains for speaker mounting, or use 3.5mm jack on 3G Module for earbuds.
Audio Components
1.6" diameter x 3/8" thick (including pouch and mounting fasteners) , 8-Ohm, 50 - 20Khz, 86dB/w SPL, 0.2W power max, continuous operation at 0.175mW
External Boom Microphone
Chrome gooseneck mic with RCA plug fits 3G module. 550-Ohm dynamic moving-coil element, 50-20Khz response. Not compatible with systems using 'condenser' or 'electret-condenser' powered mics.
Internal Boom Microphone
Chrome gooseneck mic with flat mounting tab fits 2G and 3G modular systems. 550-Ohm dynamic moving-coil element, 50-20Khz response. Not compatible with systems using 'condenser' or 'electret-condenser' powered mics.
Internal Surface Microphone
1" square surface mounted microphone for full face or modular helmet applications. 550-Ohm dynamic moving-coil element, 50-20Khz response. Not compatible with systems using 'condenser' or 'electret-condenser' powered mics.
Condenser Microphone
Available by phone request currently, can be used with BMW and other systems requiring a powered condenser microphone.
Audio Cables
Universal Upper Cable
Kevlar-Core cable with no-load helical wound tinsel wire conductors for long life and ultra-reliable service. Gold plated 6-pin contacts and barrel. Water resistant mechanical connections. Fits 3G Module.
5-Pin Lower Cable
Fits 5-pin systems like Goldwing, Voyager and Venture. Gold plated full size 5-Pin DIN male connectors.
6-Pin Lower Cable
Fits 6-Pin systems like J&MCB2003, some BMW systems. Gold plated full size 6-Pin DIN male connectors.
Speaker pouches
Patented speaker pad/mount made from headliner material for sonic transparency, comfort and ease of mounting.
Internal surface micropnone has built-in windscreen, boom mics use open cell foam windscreens.
EdSets 3G Module
Views of the new 3G headset module. Note: This image does not show the internal speaker and mic wires that go inside the helmet. Notice the 3.5mm Stereo jack at the rear of the module below the upper cable insertion area.
EdSets 'Thump Pump' Speakers
Shown here with speaker pouches, made from soft helmet liner material, and patented for high fidelity performance.
Upper Cable
This cable is made with a practically indestructible Kevlar core and helical wound tinsel wire for super durable and reliable service, and with gold plated conductors for the best in conductivity and performance.
Helmet Installation
This is a breakout of how all the 3G Module parts fit together.
Modular Helmet Installation 1 of 4
Dual Lock in place for 3G Module mounting.
Modular Helmet Installation 2 of 4
3G Module attached to side of Modular Helmet.
Modular Helmet Installation 3 of 4
Showing the contour of the 3G module and the fit of the flat signal cables that go inside the helmet.
Modular Helmet Installation 4 of 4
Cool looks and great features for modular style helmets!
Modular with Plastic Lower Skirt 1 of 3
Detail image of helmet installation with large plastic lower skirt type helmets. Dual Lock can span the gap between the two.
Modular with Plastic Lower Skirt 2 of 3
Dual Lock mount strip for 3G Module on composite modular helmet.
Modular with Plastic Lower Skirt 3 of 3
Shows contour of 3G module and flat cable inserted under cheekpad.
Open Face Helmet Install 1 of 5
3G Headset with 3G External boom mic on 3/4 helmet.
Open Face Helmet Install 2 of 5
Shows contour of 3G module and flat cable inserted in helmet.
Open Face Helmet Install 3 of 5
Shows 3M Dual Lock and Foam Backer in place prior to installing the 3G Module.
Open Face Helmet Install 4 of 5
3G Headset with boom mic installed on a very small 3/4 helmet.
Open Face Helmet Install 5 of 5
Image shows how the 3M Dual Lock is positioned on a typical helmet before mounting the 3G Module.