Custom Configured Headsets
Choose from cable, microphone, speaker and other options to make your headset unique to your situation!  The 2G kits are our 'basic' headsets, mount internally and have a single cable from helmet to bike and do not have a built in audio input jack for iPod and similar devices or for earbud speakers.  The 3G kits are our 'advanced' headset and include a two-section upper and lower cable, external mount for low profile in the helmet, and our unique 3.5mm input/output jack that makes the 3G a "Swiss army knife" kind of headset.  The prices shown are the basic essentials, and as you add and remove options the price will change automatically so you know what your out the door price is.
Custom Configured Headsets
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Custom Configured Headsets
Need something special, or don't see exactly what you need?  Try a custom configured 2G or 3G headset.  Like a pizza, you get to pick your toppings individually :)
EdSets 3G
AvailabilityClick image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
How to customize your EdSets 3G headset:

The 3G Headset is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of headsets, and you can configure it several ways with several powered and non-powered lower cable options, three microphone options, three speaker configuration options, and still use the built in audio input/output and input jack to do more with this flexible headset. 
Extreme Anti-Buffeting Mic Cover
Protects delicate internal mic diaphragm from extreme buffeting.
2G Standard Headset (Custom Configured)
This is the generic 2G headset, which comes with an internal wiring harness, a lower cable, and two options of speakers.  A "TAB" mount boom mic with windscreen.