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EdSets has an excellent dealer program.  If your company is interested in selling the most innovative and best sounding motorcycle helmet headsets in the industry, EdSets is ready to deliver.

We are currently accepting dealer pre-orders for our next generation (3G) fully modular, externally mounted headset kit to complement our legendary internally mounted (2G) headset kits.

As with all EdSets, flexibility and quality will be unmatched. From it's attractive high-tech external mount to it's innovative modular design, the EdSets 3G lineup will impress customers on sight, and will gain their respect at first use. Backed by years of design and customer feedback, these headsets offer the most usable, flexible and robust headsets available.

Patented technology delivers high fidelity audio and intercom from our compact powerful speakers through the most comfortable and acoustically transparent speaker mount anywhere. CB and Intercom transmissions are studio quality thanks to the best microphones on the market. Durable 2-piece cabling for easy visual connect/disconnect means convenience.

Style, power, flexibility, modularity, interchangeability, livability...and let's not forget price! EdSets represent the absolute best value in the industry not only because our customers get so much for their money, it's also because of our unparalleled service and warranty. EdSets continues to grow and gain the respect of our customers because we "raise the bar" for everyone, including ourselves, on a daily basis. We treat each customer personally, and we intend to continue that tradition through our dealers too!

As an EdSets dealer, you will be expected to stock and occasionally install EdSets for customers after a simple training session for at least one of your employees. This service itself will bring many touring groups through your store, both local and nationals as they travel. Touring riders are discriminating, loyal, and friendly, and we know you will enjoy their patronage and friendship. The need for replacement parts is a rare occurrence with EdSets, but a supply of spares helps with the occasional damaged part and can also provide upgrade and modular configuration parts as well for your customers.

If you are looking for a company that provides compelling products that are highly rated by customers, is easy to work with, and has our mutual interests in mind at all times, then come on over to the NEW STANDARD in headsets, EdSets!

Please contact Ed Davis, President, EdSets LLC, 937-271-4077 or for more information and a login name and password to see the new 3G EdSets designs. read more...