EdSets Use Disclaimer

Yes, we have to say something here, but for Ed, it's more about your hearing health than satisfying the lawyers, so this message is from Ed and it addresses both your health and our lawyers.

Your hearing is your responsibility. EdSets does not employ an Audiologist, but we have consulted with them in designing our product.  You don't need advanced education to know that constant noise can damage your hearing. Nor do you need to be a lawyer to know that your own health is your responsibility.  But with knowledge, we can make better decisions and act more responsibly, so this is a message about taking care of your hearing and being responsible to yourself for it. 

Like most any other product in the marketplace, there are risks in using or misusing products.  Makers of hammers can't be responsible for bruised thumbs, but they will offer guidance in the use of the hammer to avoid that injury. 

In the headsets and accessories world, using our products means you agree to be responsible for your use of our headsets.  This includes you damaging your hearing by misuse of the product or using too much volume over time.  It also means that you are responsible for using our quick-disconnect cables and plugs in a way that does not cause any problems when riding or in accidents.  Further, mounting our products in helmets may violate some state laws, so we provide a link on our main page to help you understand your state's laws regarding motorcycles and audio systems, earplugs, and so on.

By using our products in helmets, you are agreeing to be responsible for any damage to your helmet, or in case of an accident, any injuries that may result as a result of contact with the headset components inside the helmet.  This is similar to having items inside a car with you.  If an object in your car injures you during an accident, it is not the liability of the manufacturer of the object.  It is the responsibility of the driver to secure the item inside the car.  Same with headsets in the helmet.  The parts inside the helmet are generally secured and mounted in a safe way, and we offer several options, but the final mounting and use are the responsibility of the owner of the helmet.

EdSets is not responsible for the use, misuse, or improper use of any of our products.  Our liability is limited only to defective parts and replacement of such during warranty periods.  We are not responsible for damage to persons or equipment as a result of accidents, improper use, abuse, modifications or other abnormal use of our products.  In proper use of our products, we are not liable for any damage or injuries to people or equipment.

When you ride without hearing protection, you inevitably damage your hearing just a little with every mile. To avoid that, wearing cheap foam earplugs, expensive industrial fitted earplugs, custom insert-able earplugs, or any other kind of hearing protection is a good measure against the damage and can eliminate it altogether in most cases.  Its also a good idea, whether or not it's legal. We're not suggesting that you break your state's laws, but that you understand them and find whatever way you can to protect your hearing when you ride. Some states allow certain types of earplugs that allow hearing emergency vehicles and horns, for instance. Some states may allow you to bring in outside sounds using intercom microphones as well. But whatever you are able to do, be aware that riding without hearing protection can have a price.

More than half of EdSets' customers have told us that they have some hearing damage, that it's permanent and that it's from riding without hearing protection. We'd like to see that trend reversed and EdSets supports legislation allowing use of hearing protection while riding in all states as long as riders can respond to traffic and emergency vehicles and other critical sounds.

EdSets speakers can generate well over 100dB of sound pressure level at your ears, more than any other helmet headset speaker can when fully driven. The peak sound pressure you can generate with them is more than you get at a rock concert, so the message here is to use them to punch through your earplugs, not to overcome the wind.

By using them to punch through the earplugs, what your ear hears is a quieter and fully enjoyable audio experience without the pressure levels that can damage your hearing. The plugs work to keep the pressures off your inner ear, but the vibrations of sound are not fully blocked and if strong enough, can overcome those earplugs and give you the noise-free sound you want without the harsh blasts of wind that make it hard to hear anything at highway speeds. That's what EdSets were originally designed to do.

By using them to overcome wind noise, you are overloading your ears and not only causing permanent damage, but probably making yourself less attentive, more prone to fatigue, and less safe a rider overall.

So, find a way to protect your hearing when you ride, use EdSets to overcome the hearing protection in order to hear your music (we also have connectors allowing use of ear-bud speakers as well...) and enjoy your music, your motorcycle and the instructions coming from the back seat intercom... When you stop that evening, your energy will be higher, your ears won't ring, and you will feel more like checking out the local attractions of your day's destination point.

Again, your hearing is your responsibility, and to keep you as a friend, a customer and a hearing citizen, we ask that you use EdSets and other related audio products responsibly so that your hearing will serve you for all the years to come.

Thanks for reading this, and please ask me about any questions you have on safe listening. If you are a hearing or legal professional and have any input on this subject, we'd love to hear from you.


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