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EdSets iFI Helmet Speaker Kit

Includes i Pod compatible male-male gold plated stereo cable, two hard-rocking 150mW speakers and a simple easy to mount wiring harness that disappears into the helmet except for a bullet-sized jack that keeps your helmet's great style unobstructed and in view.

Speakers Option:

Maybe you need them, maybe you don't. Speakers slip in pouches like a hand in a mitten, the pouch sticks with Velcro to the ear void area. If you have a skirt or pocket in your cheekpad that holds the speakers in place, save the bucks and don't get the pouches. Buy some more music for your i Pod instead!

Speaker Mounting Pouches:

Male-Male Audio Cable:

AvailabilityClick image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
Weight0.8 lb
The EdSets iFI is a speaker-only kit allowing any rider to listen to helmet speakers with an i Pod or any other music device.  The kit does not support use of a microphone, so if you need communications ability, go for one of our 3G headset kits, which have the same stereo jack on the main module.  Typical use of the iFi is to toss an i Pod or Zune in your shirt pocket, and plug in the supplied cable between the player and the iFi bullet jack.  You may also use a cable with a mute or volume control as well.

The iFi includes two high quality "thump pump" speakers that will take more power than the i Pod and similar devices can produce.  This is by design so when you want more power for your music, you can add on a Boostaroo or similar headphone amp for more power up to 150mW per channel, about 10 times the normal 'headphone' power level!  That means great bass response and plenty of volume with low distortion.  Play your iFi at this volume endlessly without damaging the speakers, but watch those ears!  Always ride with hearing protection if its legal in your state!

Installation is easy:  Just lift up the left cheek pad, and position the iFI pod so it is snug up against the bottom of the helmet.  When you find the happy spot, use the  adhesive primer where the Dual Lock will go, and after it dries, peel off the adhesive strip and mount the iFI pod.  It can be removed at any time by just snapping it out, and yes, Dual Lock is the Godzilla of Velcro....  Locate the speakers directly on the center of your ear, as close as possible, and plug them into the two speaker jack plugs provided on the iFi bullet jack mounting tab.  Use the pouches if you have no pockets in your helmet, or choose not to use them by deselecting them in the options before ordering.

Now you can grab the i Pod, your helmet and hit the road.  Also use with portable CD player, AM/FM/TV radio, etc.  ANY audio device can be used.