EdSets "iFi" Helmet Speaker Kit
Rock and Roll?  Absolutely.  Life does not get any better!  When you roll, make sure the iFi is on board.  The iFI is a simple and elegant solution for those that simply want a pair of speakers and an easy disconnect for listening to music.  iPOD not included, but everything else you need is! 
EdSets "iFi" Helmet Speaker Kit
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EdSets "iFi" Helmet Speaker Kit
You + Tunes + Motorcycle + Open  Road = Total Joy.  The iFi is your ticket to a headset that is sleek and unobtrusive so your style is not cramped, and your tunes definitely not compromised.  The real meaning of 'portable music' is finally realized by the EdSets iFi.  Rock and Roll, anyone?
3.5mm Stereo Extension Cable
3.5mm Female to Male Stereo Extension cable for iPod, GPS, etc.  Fits Honda AUX input, as well as most other AUX input jacks from Harley, CB2003, Yamaha, Can Am, Kawasaki, etc.
3.5mm Stereo Patch Cable M-M
3.5mm Male-to-Male Stereo Patch cable for iPod, GPS, etc.
EdSets iFI Helmet Speaker Kit
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You only need a great pair of speakers in your helmet.  You're not going to be making phone calls or chatting with truckers, you just want the open road and your favorite tunes.  You need the iFi, the highest performance helmet speaker kit in the Milky Way.  Pump in up to 150mW of power and let the 'thump pump' speakers do the rest.  Low profile, high performance, maximum joy.