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EdSets 3G (re)installation kit

Moving a headset to new helmet, use this kit to re-mount your 3G headset to the new helmet.
Optional Installation Parts:

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Weight0.1 lb
Got EdSets 3G headsets and want to move them to a new helmet?  This kit is for you.  It comes with a new 3M Dual Lock mounting strip for the 3G main module, and a foam spacer that sits between the module and the helmet, as well as an ampoule of adhesive primer to make sure the helmet is nice and clean when you mount the new mounting strip (Dual Lock).

Optionally, you can add weather plugs (all three of them), and spiral wire wrap in case you use it and want a new length for the new helmet.  Speaker velcro is also available in case you want new velcro for mounting the speaker pouches, it comes as the 'loop' side of Velcro, and is 3 strips: 2 for the speakers and one for a surface mic.