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Microphone Signal Splitter

Plug and Play for GL1800, GL1500, J&M-CB2003, Yamaha Venture.  Wire-taps are used for all other bikes via the Universal version.
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EdSets Microphone Signal Splitter costs a bit more, but it is the only splitter on the market that actually works, and without giving away our engineering secrets, suffice it to say that we are the only engineering company involved in this field, and we also use the highest quality (and the most costly) components for good reason.

Before you install our microphone signal splitter, please make sure your GPS has the latest firmware as Garmin and others are regularly updating the code to improve performance with certain phones, and to fix operational problems. It is also important to treat any electrical noise on the bike because the mic signal is the weakest by far on the bike, and it's easy to have induced noise from alternators, or poor grounds that can cause ground loops that introduce otherwise isolated noise to the mic signal path. Clearing these two items up will allow you to enjoy your high quality EdSets mic splitter.

Note:  When using the mic splitter with your GPS, please keep updated with Garmin's patches and firmware updates.  The "xxxLM" series from Garmin are preferred as they fixed several hardware issues that plagued some of the older Garmin 550 and 600 series.

EdSets was the original, and still the best of the splitters on the market.  Our splitters give you a 1:9 voltage ratio so you get a 9 times greater mic signal for improved performance over other splitters that are just 1:1.  Now that we've announced that, all the copies will probably come out with 1:9 splitters too, just you watch!