Wind and Electrical Noise  Rate it

Wind noise bothering you?  We ride bikes for the wind in our hair, but it also gets in our ears.  Here's an article I wrote on how to fight back and have some control over wind in spite of what it tries to do to your audio experience when riding: Wind Noise 101

How about elecrtrical noise?  Most bikes are electrically noisy, having a lot of alternator whine, ignition popping noises, cruise control digital encoding noise, ABS encoding noise, perhaps interference from other electrical devices, and even ground loop issues with the same devices.  There are a host of other sources, but you get the what can we do?  There are folks now shielding their radio units from cruise control and other digital systems on the bike, and most of us use a combination of ground loop isolators on AUX inputs, and alternator chokes or filters on main power lines.  Good grounding is also important, so scrape the dried mud off your battery cables, maybe even clean them in a mild acidic solution like lemonade (no sugar!) once a season or so, or scrub them with a wire brush, make sure it's all tight.  Check alternator and ignition parts for good clean and tight ground and power connections, broken high-tension wires, and so on.  You really can clean up a bike, but it can take some work.  Parts and supplies are available from many sources.  Try, Sierra Electronics, even Radio Shack for some of the items mentioned, but stick mostly with folks that understand your bike when you buy!