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3G Headset for Half/Shorty Helmets
Price: $235.00

Lower Cable BMW VII & All J&M 6Pin (+ $25.00); Can Am Spyder (+ $25.00); Harley 5-Pin Factory ; Harley 7-Pin Factory (+ $25.00); Honda Goldwing/Valkyrie (All) ; Air Rider Cobra 5-Pin Handheld ; Kawasaki Voyager 5-Pin ; Kawasaki Voyager 1700 (+ $25.00); Yamaha Venture (All) ; Victory Vision (+ $25.00); iPod/GPS/Universal
Plug Style Straight for rear typically ; Right Angle for front typically
Plug Style Straight for center tank jack ; Right Angle for left tank jack
Plug Style Straight for rear typically ; Right Angle for front typically
New Thunderclap Speakers Upgrade: (+ $24.00); Speaker Velcro (Hook+Loop) (+ $3.50)
Pro-Installation Pro-Install (+ $65.00)
This headset is used on HALF SHELL OR SHORTY helmets.  It generally uses an external "plug in" mic which has a standard RCA male/female mounting system.  You can use the same microphone (internally square-tab mounted) mic as our 3GMOD headset if you attach it to chinstraps with Velcro.
Available NOW for:
* Honda Goldwing/Valkyrie
* Yamaha Venture
* Kaw Voyager (Select from 1300 5-pin or 1700 7-pin)
* Air Rider COBRA 75 WX ST
* Victory Vision
* Can Am Spyder
* BMW Voice II
* Harley Davidson Glide/Ultra
* J&M CB2003/Integratr

* Direct-Connect to iPod/GPS/Standard Universal audio devices with mic input (optional), and audio output on 3.5mm standard jacks.


Availability: Click image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
Weight: 1.25 lb
NOW AVAILABLE: EdSets new Thunderclap speakers! Just click above to select them. You won't regret it! These are the hottest speakers in the market place with plenty of punch for highway speeds, bass response, clear highs and stainless steel grilles for durability!


Standard non-powered Lower Cables available now:
* Honda Goldwing/Valk 5-Pin systems
* Yamaha Venture and, Kawasaki Voyager (pre-'08) 5-Pin
Air Rider COBRA 75 WX ST 5-Pin systems
* Older HD factory systems with 5-Pin factory jacks.
Direct-Connect to iPod/GPS/Standard Universal audio devices with mic input (optional), and audio output on 3.5mm standard jacks.

EdSets "Power Cables" for amplified microphone systems from:
* Victory Vision factory system (7-Pin Radio Sound pinout)
* Can Am Spyder factory system (7-Pin Radio Sound pinout)
* Kawasaki 1700 factory system (7-Pin Radio Sound pinout)
* Harley Davidson factory system (7-Pin Harley Davidson unique pinout)
* BMW Voice II system (6-Pin J&M/BMW pinout)
* J&M CB2003 handlebar CB (6-PinJ&M/BMW pinout)

PLEASE NOTE when using your headset on different bikes:
> EdSets uses the lower cable to match the bike to the headset.  
> We put the preamplifier, if required by the bike, into the lower cable itself (lowers cost for non-amped mic systems).
> You can ride any bike mentioned above by using the appropriate lower cable.
> All Radio Sound sourced systems can use the same Power Cable, but we differentiate the preferred cable based only on the need for 90-degree or 180-degree (straight) lower plugs. 
> HD pinout is unique, fits ONLY HD, it is 7-pin, but different pin assignments than others.  There is a straight and right angle available for the two jack types on the Harley series.
> All 6-Pin systems are interchangeable, performance may vary depending on the bike. 
> All 5-Pin systems are interchangeable, and are the only bikes that do NOT require an externally amplified microphone system.

Direct Connect cables for consumer electronics:
* 3G "Zumo' lower cable for this 3G headset works with GPS that have standard 3.5mm (iPod style) audio output jack, and 2.5mm mono mic input jack.  Most bluetooth GPS will have these jacks.
* Some handheld CB radios may be adapted using the 3G Zumo cable as long as the unit can use a dynamic microphone.
* Use our male-to-male patch cable to connect an iPod to the 3G module to listen to iPod when not on a bike with a factory system.

HOW TO ORDER:  Choose your bike system from the drop-down list, and whether you need a right angle plug for the bike or a straight one if available, then place one headset per helmet in your cart and proceed to checkout.

Included in each Full Face Goldwing Kit One each 3G Module, an optional external RCA-mount microphone, a removable upper 3G cable and lower 3G cable, two speakers with mounting pouches, and a choice of several lower cables to fit all models of touring bikes.
Gold Plated Connectors Industry standard Molex connectors for speaker and microphone plugs/jacks, standard DIN/Mini-DIN 5, 6, and 7-Pin connectors for bike, and upper lower cords. All electrical connections are gold plated.
Helmet Styles
Shorty/Half Shell Helmets This headset is designed for typical Half-Shell Helmets and should be mounted on the shell lower edge
Kit Contents
Weather Plugs Our 3G headsets have three jacks for an external mic, an audio in/out jack, and the upper cable jack. We provide rubber weather plugs to keep rain and dust out of your connectors.
Adhesive Primer One vial of 3M Primer 94 is included to ensure that our patented mounting system has maximum strength.
Foam Backing for 3G Module This foam backing pad is not required, but is included to improve the looks of the 3G module by filling in any small variations in the shape of helmets vs the module.
Our Guarantee of quality 3-Year no-nonsense warranty. Covers normal use for all parts of the headset.
Audio Components
Speakers 1.6" diameter x 3/8" thick (including pouch and mounting fasteners) , 8-Ohm, 50 - 20Khz, 86dB/w SPL, 0.2W power max, continuous operation at 0.175mW
Microphone Uses ONLY the external mount boom mic (RCA mount). 550-Ohm dynamic moving-coil element, 50-20Khz response. With Power Cables, can be used on any touring bike.
Audio Cables
Upper Cable Gold plated straight 5mm cable plugs into 3G module, is removable and can be left in place indefinitely.
Lower Cable Lower cable with 5-Pin DIN compatible with all Asian 5-Pin factory systems. Upper connector to mate with EdSets Upper Cable only.
All Cables All our cables are made with stranded Kevlar to ensure that the helical wound electrical conductors never take any mechanical loads, ensuring long life.
Speaker Pouches Our patented speaker pouch is made from helmet liner padded material for comfort and acoustic transparency, and with sturdy backs for mounting with Velcro. Speakers may be mounted in the pouches or without pouches in helmets that have pockets or skirts t
Windscreen Boom mic can be used with both heat shrink tubing and foam windscreen for exterme wind noise protection. USe 3/4" diameter, 1.25" length, thin wall shrink).