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NEW!!  Thunderclap Speaker
Price: $52.00

Velcro Mounting Pads Velcro Mounting Pads (hook and loop) (+ $2.00)
More Powerful than any speaker on the market.

Weight: 0.5 lb
NOTE: These speakers are sold ONLY IN PAIRS

EdSets is proud to announce the newest speaker for your headsets. Don't be fooled by the similar size. This speaker is a game changer!

There's a good reason we call it the Thunderclap: It's for the crisp and powerful sonic performance it delivers. You can actually hear strong bass response that makes a big difference, and the highs are as clear and tight as you can stand. Feel free to crank the volume all the way up, and use the bike's trebel and bass settings at max value, the speakers will comply.

For the first time, highway speeds are not a problem when you're using the Thunderclap speakers.

Stainless steel grilles and rare earth magnets combine to make your headsets the most powerful of any headset from any other manufacturer. We've kept the thickness the same as always, but added more diameter to accommodate the more powerful magnet and voice coil. 2 years in the making, now you can upgrade any of your EdSets headsets with the Thunderclap as easy as plugging them in.

Grille Stainless Steel
Diameter 44mm
Thickness 10mm
Magnet 20mm Diameter
Power Handling 0.30W Max, 0.25W Nominal
Resonant Frequency 350Hz free air
Impedance 32 Ohms
Range 0-18 KHz Driven
Audio Components
Speaker Thunderclap optional speakers


Comparision to small speaker thickness
Comparision to small speaker thickness
Thickness comparison
Comparision to small speaker diameter
Comparision to small speaker diameter
Comparison to small speaker diameter.
Pair of Thunderclap speakers
Pair of Thunderclap speakers
Pair of new Thunderclap speakers