Not interested in tearing into that new helmet to install a headset?  EdSets can do the installation for you.  We've got the experience, tools and finesse to make it a work of art.
Helmet Installation
Ordering installation services provides you one "installation" for each helmet. By setting the quantity to 1 or 2 for example, you pay for one or two helmets to be professionally installed. After you order installation services you will simply take your helmets to the UPS store or a similar facility and have them include prepaid return shipping labels (+ 2 pounds per helmet) inside the box to your address. We will automatically set your order status to 'EdSets Install' and we will not ship anything to you until your helmets arrive and leave here using your return lable.

NOTE: Use of packing 'peanuts' instead of paper or foam incurs an additional charge for removing and replacing the loose peanuts. We do not use packing peanuts at EdSets because of the mess.  

Send them to  "EdSets Installation 207 Mill Pond Chase, Warner Robins, GA 31088"
EdSets 3G (re)installation kit
AvailabilityClick image for options and ordering. Ships 0-1 days.
EdSets 3G Installation Kit.  NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED THIS WHEN PURCHASING A HEADSET, IT COMES WITH THE HEADSET.  Get one or more for each OTHER helmet you want to put your new EdSets headset on, or get one to move your existing headset from one helmet to another.  Kit includes adhesive cleaner, foam backing for 3G module, new Dual Lock for the helmet, and has three additional options:  1. Velcro for speakers and surface mics, 2. Weather plugs and 3. Spiral wire wrap for some modular helmets with surface microphones where you need to cover the exposed mic lines for scuff protection.