Thunderclap Mounting Options

EdSets' new Thunderclap Speakers are far and above any other helmet speaker system on EARTH! 

When you order a headset with the UPGRADE Thunderclap Speakers, you have two options for mounting: 

(1) Mount them in the helmet's provided pouch or curtain, or,
(2) Mount them with optional Velcro (hook & loop) which is two full size circles to fit the speaker.  Always put the Velcro loop (soft side) on the helmet, and the scratchy hook on the speaker!

To get the best performance out of them, we've dropped the use of our traditional soft pouches for mounting and now leave them mounted in the helmet's pouch, or just attached with Velcro in helmets that have no speaker pouch.

The speaker grilles are stainless steel and the speakers are very durable.  We caution you to ALWAYS turn down the speakers before you don your helmet to avoid high sound level hearing damage.

The Thunderclap speakers are capable of very high levels, and we recommend you not use the Thunderclap speakers on Goldwing settings above about 20.  At volume settings 21-30 you should be using foam earplugs.  Use of foam earplugs allows your ears to 'relax' from high noise and are then able to remain at 100% sensitivity, and the extra power the Thunderclaps can generate is really meant for blocked ears!

In other words, don't damage your hearing, ALWAYS ride with foam earplugs, even if you're not using any audio gear.  Your hearing will thank you for it!

Ride safe, and call Ed at 937-271-4077 if you want to discuss this information.


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