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Universal Adapter

Universal Adapter
Choose input and output pin configuration and use ear-buds to hear your bike's audio/intercom system or plug in an MP3 player to drive your headsets on any other bike.
Price: $65.00
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Coolest Adapter Anywhere!


This is the only modular molded earbud adapter in production and fits most systems with 5 or 6 pin full size DIN jack, including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and 89-97 Harley 5-Pin systems.  

We do NOT have a 7-Pin version, and will not  produce it unless we find the market that will allow us to produce 40,000 (minimum factory run) and make a small return on it. It's just economics.  Remember, the adapter is an integral part of our headsets, and there are some hand made adapters out there too.

Use the 5-5 Pin version on Wings and similar bikes with EdSets or 5-Pin lower cord sets from other makers.  Use the 6-5 Pin if you want to use EdSets with your BMW or J&M CB2003/Integratr handlebar unit.  Use the 6-6 Pin version if you have BMW or J&M CB2003/Integratr with 6-pin lower cord headsets.

The pins and jacks are simply a  "pass through" connector (5-5 or 6-6 pin configuration) and there are no electronics or mixing amplifiers in this adapter.  The 6-5 Pin model converts pinout and ground from 6-5 and single to common speaker ground.  You can use a 5-5 Pin unit on later HD, but you will not be able to use your headset mic or your lower cable, it will only work as an ear-bud jack without the headset cable.

EdSets Universal adapters provide a 3.5mm stereo in/out jack for all pin systems so that you can use regular or custom fitted "ear-buds" to hear your intercom/bike system or with a short male-male 3.5mm cable, you can drive your headset with an MP3 player directly on other bikes that don't have intercom or music systems.  We offer high quality male-male cables with gold plated connectors for this use as well.

NOTE:  It is not advisable to use the 3.5mm jack as an input while connected to a motorcycle intercom system that is on and operating.  Doing so is at your own risk since some devices may not be electronically compatible.  We've tested on Goldwings successfully, but do not assert that your results will be the same as ours.
Note: Dealer inquiries welcome on this item.  Email for more information.
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