Thank you for joining the EdSets Affiliate program!

At EdSets, we consider our customers worldwide as a tight community of like-minded riders, and our company does business in a different way than most motorcycle outlets do. Since most riders buy EdSets products on the recommendation of other happy customers, we want to start rewarding our customers with hard cash for their loyalty to EdSets, because there's always that new gadget we want, and cash helps get it!

As an EdSets affiliate customer type, your personal details, just below, will have a field for your 'Affiliate Code". Just below the field, there is an instruction and when you type your simple code into the field, say 'bigbikerider19', you will see that the "" will have changed to That's YOUR the affiliate code. Save it/copy it, and use it in forums, on business cards, etc.

When you want to earn commissions, you simply give someone your affiliate code link, such as, and when they purchase items over 200.00, you will earn 7% of the 200.00+ purchase. Typical orders for one or two headsets will earn in the range of $14.00 - $35.00 at our current rate. Some of our affiliates have racked up enough cash to buy tires, chrome and other goodies, half of which belong to your spouse, right?